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Health Insurance Coverage for Hearing Aids

We know it can be difficult and confusing when researching what your insurance does and does not cover. At our practice, we are happy to help you through the process. We participate with most major insurance carriers and other insurance agencies which provide hearing aids as a part of rehabilitative programs. Call our office today to determine if your health insurance covers hearing aids.

Insurance coverage for hearing aids varies in the way it is administered. Here are some benefit types for hearing aids:

-A health plan may pay a specified amount toward the purchase of aids. This amount may be allowed toward the entire hearing aid purchase or the amount may be allowed per ear. The benefit may renew after a given number of years, usually 3 to 5 years.

-A health plan may give you an allowance toward hearing aids if you purchase from a contracted provider. An allowance is a specified amount that is subtracted from the total purchase price.

-A health plan may have negotiated discounts with contracted providers. This means that you must purchase from a provider in order to get a specified discount off the retail price.

We are familiar with providers such as: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Empire Plan, Carpenters Union, IBEW Electrical Union, and MHBP (Mail Handlers Benefit Plan) among others. 

Blue Cross and Blue Shield:
At its basic coverage, Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers a discount plan to help in the cost of hearing aids.  The Blue Cross Blue Shield plan for federal employees provides better coverage of hearing aids up to a certain amount. 

Flexible Medical Spending Accounts:
For those with medical flexible spending accounts, the cost of a hearing aid and batteries is considered reimbursable.